Weighing the Pros and Cons of Real Money Play and Free Gaming

Real Money and Free Gaming Real Money and Free Gaming

Come one, come all to the thrilling world of online casino gaming! The games, the bonuses, the features…need we say more? You are also given the option to either play for free of for real money. The question is, which one should you go for – real money or free play? Let’s take a look at some insights below.


As the name stands, demos are exactly what you expect the to be; free games! That’s right, you won’t be spending a single dime to play these games. Without a doubt, free gaming is ideal for Canadian players who are still new to the casinosphere. Some may feel a little apprehensive to spend money from the get-go without any prior casino experience. Others, may just want to see what they’re interested in terms of games, themes, features and so on. You’ll also find some players who are not sure if they can trust their casino provider. With regard to the latter, that can easily be solved. Just make sure that your provider is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and you shouldn’t have any problems.

In this respect, it’s great to have both real money and free gaming options. Ultimately, this not only helps Canadian players test the waters, but they can also get some insight into want out of their casino experience. However, there are a few downsides. Since you are playing for free, you cannot expect to win money. On top of that, you can’t use bonuses either or gain access to games such as progressive jackpot slots or live casino. At times, you’ll also find online casinos that do not offer a demo version of every single game. Whilst the majority do have them, sometimes it’s not always possible.

That said, the positives outweigh the negatives. Practice, practice, practice, and you’ll get the hang of things in no time!

Real Money Play

Perhaps the one of the main differences that stands out between real money and free gaming is that you can win prizes when you play real money games. At the end of the day, you are spending money, so it’s only right that you reap the rewards.

In this respect, real money games bring something more exciting to the table. Whereas demos are somewhat teasers of what you can expect, real money games guarantee more thrills. For starters, you can access all features in slots and table games. On top of that, you can access the full gaming lobby that is packed with hundreds and thousands of games. On that note, have a peek at these guys if you really want to enjoy the best real money games.

Another difference between real money and free gaming relates to bonuses. You’ll find loads of online casino providers who offer anything from welcome bonuses, free spins bonuses, loyalty bonuses etc. All Canadian enthusiasts are in agreement that these extra perks make the experience infinitely better for a number of different reasons. Whilst you can use them on select games, the thrill of winning them in a slot is just as exciting. (Terms and Conditions Apply)

As discussed in the Free play section, there are a few cons here to. In this case, there is a financial risk involved since you are playing for real money. In this regard, we advise you to never chase losses and to never gamble more than you can bargain for. Remember, it’s just a game – there’s always tomorrow, so please gamble responsibly!

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